Troubleshooting Graphic Cards

A GPU or Graphics Processing Unit or we call it video card is like a micro sd card that we add to our computer for it to enhance display of the graphics output on a screen. It generates feeds of images to be outputted to a screen. It also enhances the output or the display of your computer. You can choose different output, like your television for instance, you can also do multiple output using the output ports in your graphics card like the HDMI, DVI or VGA.

There are times that your graphics card meets a problem like freezing and crashing. Or even worse the video card does not display anything, or it has trouble displaying correctly. This brought by any problem your card may encounter. Here are the possible problems and the trouble shooting you need to do:

Install the latest chipset drivers.

Chipset is the one responsible for connecting RAM, CPU and other peripherals in the motherboard. In order for it to work properly it should be up to date always. You can go to your motherboard manufacturer’s website to download the update.

Uninstall old and reinstall latest video display drivers.

Display drivers are necessary for your graphics card to work. It you meet some problems with your card, all you have to do is download the latest display driver for your computer. After that uninstall the old one and install the one you just downloaded. This will sometimes fix GPU driver problems. If you want to know more check out this blog.

Disable the sound system.

Yes, you read it right, sometimes disabling the sound system works. Your GPU comes with an advance sound hardware, an HD sound driver. This may crash and interfere with the display drivers.

Slowing down the PCI port.

PCI slots instability may be the cause your video card is crashing. You can change the speed of it through the BIOS setting or you can do it on the settings of your video card driver.

Doing the things, I listed above may stop your video card from crashing. If you want articles on video card comparison like comparison between rx 580 and gtx 970, check the link.

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