Vaping Talk

Let us talk how I end up vaping, first like any other vaping person, I started as a smoker. I considered myself as a heavy smoker. It is just my self-assessment, but I concluded I was because I can consume more than a pack of cigarette a day. That is a lot not to mention it is kind of expensive.

My smoking was so severe that I can say I am addicted to it. I don’t my mouth to be vacant, I want it always smoking. I know deep in myself that at this rate I know my health will give in. I should take necessary steps to at least minimize or completely stopped smoking, but how? That was my dilemma.

I have heard of vaping before form friends, the internet and social media, but I never have the courage to try it out.

Finally, after so many convincing of my friends I tried vaping. I remember I have to read a website; you can go here. This site is so good, that I read all its content. It has everything, from updates, reviews and comparisons. It has also offered discounts like custom glass puffco peak vaporizer went on sale.

Going back to my vaping tale, because I switched to vaping for good. I smell great now, unlike before I am stinky literally. I smell like nicotine. Even my breath is horrible. Since I went into vaping, I guess I can say I am healthier now.

Vaping is so positive for me that I wish it would have come earlier. Should have switched to vaping earlier. Well it went well for me that I am planning to buy my second vaporizer. I have been using mine for a year now. It still works well but I just need another one just to have a new one sake.

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