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Best Rain Gear for Orlando Family Vacation

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Best Rain Gear for Orlando Family Vacation

One of the great benefits of visiting Orlando, Florida is the weather. However, Orlando can experience some radical changes in weather conditions throughout the year, especially periods of heavy or continuous rain. It is wise to be properly prepared with the right rain gear for your family vacation to Orlando and Disney World.

Some recommended products for your family vacation would be ponchos, umbrellas, and good rain coats. The following are some recommended rain gear to consider getting for your upcoming family vacation to Orlando.

Best Ponchos for Orlando & Disney World

Ponchos are an absolute necessity to have when traveling to Orlando and Disney World. Because you are constantly on the go visiting the different attractions, you don’t want to travel without a good poncho. I recommend the Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho. It comes in a variety of colors and is reasonably priced around $20.


The Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho for women is also a one size fits all just like the men’s poncho. The major difference between the men’s and women’s poncho is the women’s poncho is more stylish with a variety of nice color options.

Kids will need a poncho too. And, Charles River Apparel also provides a children’s version of their ponchos.

Don’t forget the little one’s need a poncho too. Stephen Joseph created some really fun ponchos for your 4-6 year olds for both girls and boys. Prices range from approximately $15-$18.

Best Rain Jackets for Orlando & Disney World

The Marmot Men’s Minimalist Jacket is a best in class when it comes to rain gear. It is well designed, and comes in a variety of different colors. Many rain jackets have so many bells and whistles that the jacket becomes too bulky. Not the Marmot Men’s Minimalist jacket. For Orlando, you just need something simple and easy to manage when traveling. This rain jacket is more expensive than your average rain jacket, around $150-$200, but the quality and design makes it worth it. The GORE-TEX material and vents come in handy as the rain comes and goes in minutes.

The Marmot Women’s Minimalist Jacket is also a great choice for traveling to Orlando, Florida and traversing the theme parks such as Magic Kingdom and Epcot. 

Best Umbrella for Orlando & Disney World

The overall best umbrella for your Orlando vacation is the Windproof & UV Protection Travel Umbrella by Rainlax. It is reasonably priced at around $27, and has great reviews. It is a stylish umbrella, and comes in a wide variety of different colors. Because it is double lined, it will hold up better than most other travel umbrellas. The most important feature of this umbrella is that it is small enough to easily travel with you and your family.

Conclusion: Ponchos Are Critical

If I had to pick one item to bring with me to Orlando, ponchos is definitely the right call. Otherwise, having a variety of rain gear for various weather conditions and situations is advisable.

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