My Adult Acne Experience

Adult acne is devastating. You are caught off guard. You thought that you have passed the puberty stage that you are out of the woods. Well I was wrong, I was thinking that I will not get acne anymore because I am already an adult. I got acne when I got 25.  It was a red, swollen, thick acne and disgusting.

It impacted me greatly. I was depressed over it. I kept asking to myself, why now? And, why me? It greatly affects my productivity. I grown so distant and avoid contact with other people. I was so ashamed of my pimples that I find ways to skip gatherings and meetings. To the extent that I was called by my boss to his office to explain some things.

That was the time I was awakened, like something spark out of my mind. I need to change myself and I will start to be a good employee. But first, I need to find ways to minimize and accept my condition, my acne condition.

Having all this info at hand. I started implementing these things to myself. It was unbelievable, it turned out that this information was true.My acne was minimized and I am hoping my acne will go away.

I started with doing web search and found out that my acne is caused by hormones. So, whatever your age you are still bound to have acne. I also read that cleaning my skin gently will help. Having also a good eating habits is also important. If you eat healthy, it will radiate to your skin. Drinking lots of water helps to, water is important in flushing toxins in your body.

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