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Tips for Seniors Traveling to Disney World

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Tips for Seniors Traveling to Disney World

Disney World is regularly considered paradise for kids, but not necessarily for seniors. However, Disney provides many amenities and activities for the entire family, even seniors. No doubt watching grandchildren have fun at Magic Kingdom always makes the trip to Disney worth it. But, activities for the children and grandchildren are not the only thing Disney World offers.

Military Veterans & Retired Members

One of the best resources online for military veterans and those that have retired from the military is This sit provides a wealth of information on how to visit Disney as a current or former active member of the military. Disney Shades of Green is the preferred resort for active and retired military members. The staff at Shades of Green are a great pleasure to deal with, always looking to serve their guests with excellence. Shades of Green is surrounded by two PGA championship golf courses, the Magnolia and Palm Golf Courses. These courses are owned and operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management. Military rates are available to qualified guests.

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Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival (#Epcotfoodandwine) is fun for the entire family. This event that occurs each year from September – November is an event all seniors that love food would enjoy. It is a giant food festival with exotic foods to try from various countries from around the world. If you can’t go to Europe or Asia, let them come to you at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Many famous chefs from around the world come to this event to share their secret sauce and ideas for how to create mouth watering dishes.

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Disney Springs – @DisneySprings

Disney Springs is the new and improved Downtown Disney. The entire experience has been revamped as many new restaurants and shops have been added. Disney Springs offers something for every member of the family. On any given day you will see seniors crowded around the street musicians and as they provide free entertainment all along the shopping areas. From jazz to classical music, every artist has been hand picked, and are fantastic musicians. 

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Special Activities at Disney World

Boat Cruises
Some special activities exist on Disney property that most people don’t know about. For example, Disney offers special cruises for a variety of activities such as dining or watching the fireworks at night. From pontoon boats to yachts, Disney offers a variety of boating options.

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Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides
Another lesser known activity are Disney’s horse-drawn carriage rides. Disney has some of the nicest landscape as it is beautifully maintained and groomed regularly. Horse-drawn carriage rides are especially a favorite activity during the Christmas time.

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The Right Approach & Attitude Towards Visiting the Disney Parks

Coming to Disney World with the right approach and attitude makes all the difference in the world. Disney is unique because it provides an opportunity for those that are older to be silly and have fun as if they were a kid again. Rid the tea cups at Magic Kingdom. Play with water guns. Or, get involved in some of the shows as a cast member. Instead of seeing Disney World as only designed for kids, take the opportunity to become young again. So, come with the attitude and expectation of having fun, and don’t be afraid to act like a kid again.

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